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Icontest Entries Icon Dump

Hey. I haven't posted here in a while. These were my entries from various icontests I've joined. Goodness, these are a lot.

52 JE:
1-32- Arashi
33-38- News
39-44- KATTUN (Ok, technically, most are Kame and only one Jin.. how'd that happened, dunno)
45- Tackey
46-52- Toma

15 Female Celebrities
1-12- Devon Aoki
13- Yoon Eun Hye
14-15- Selena Gomez

24 Stock

91 icons?! Holy shittake, Batman!


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X-posted like crazy!

Friends Only Banners

So, if you saw the top of my journal page, you'll see my new (and improved) semi-friends only banner. It was just for me since I got bored with my other one, but I loved it so much that I made a Friends Only version for others and even made a NewS, DBSK, and Super Junior versions as well.

Feel free to get them for yourself, but please credit shardaunei. Click on the pic for the original size.

FOB version

DBSK/Tohoshinki version

NewS version

SuJu version

More Wallpapers! + Icons

I love making wallpapers. I got addicted to them. More spaces to work with, and I hope I didn't go overboard with any of them.

Anyway, I have News, Arashi and Jin wallpapers. Oh, there are some icons, too of the same guys.

10 Arashi icons & 4 wallpaper designs
8 News icons & 4 wallpaper designs
2 Jin icons & 1 wallpaper design


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28 icons of my favorite guys & 8 Arashi wallpaper

Hello. I bring you more icons of the hottest guys on planet Earth. Enjoy.

[12-13]Hiro Mizushima


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I bring you something new! I'm experimenting on wallpaper making. I hope I did okay. I have 4 designs (3 group Arashi and 1 Ninomiya), and each have 800x600 & 1024x768. If these "sells," then I'll make some for the rest of Arashi members, plus News versions, too.

Arashi- ancient effect


Arashi- Jun's prank


Arashi- lomograph effect


Ninomiya Kazunari- Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy quote


+Please credit/comment when taking. Credit shardaunei or aquafire81
+Please let me know which one(s) did you take. I'm keeping tabs which ones are popular. I don't want to make icons of subjects nobody wants/likes.
+Resource post is still in it's usual spot.

BTW, do you guys know where else I can post my icons of Asian actresses? Apparently, ihearticons isn't sufficient. I posted them here, but nobody knows about it.

JE and J Actors Icons

I made 50 icons today! I should be studying or sleeping, but instead I'm posting this to share. I'll post this to the other icon comm later. I'm tired.

[1-12] Arashi
[13-15] Hiro Mizushima
[16-21] Jin Akanishi
[22-27] Kazuya Kamenashi
[28-34] News (I made 3 Shige icons because I've noticed that I always leave him out.)
[35-38] Shun Oguri
[39-44] Toma Ikuta (#43 is a FRIENDS reference. I hope you got that. Funny episode- Ross and his "unagi.")
[45-50] Yuta Hiraoka


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My Last Batch of Icons For Now

I'm so sad to give up my computer for a while. That means: NO PHOTOSHOP! *tear*
I found the latest scans of News and thought it's too pretty to not make icons of it. So, as my final farewell (for now), I present to you 14 icons I could make as quickly as possible. I couldn't even make individual ones for the rest of the group. *furrows brow* Some of it were just coloring, but I'm surprise it still came out nice.
CREDIT TO : bitethelove      for the scans.

Please comment/credit when taking. Thank you.
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